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Top 10 Reasons To Join Tennesseans For The Arts

Many of the 7 million Tennesseans across our state have been shaped through the years by experiences the Arts have shown them. Some of our favorite memories as children are intertwined with encountering literary, visual, or performing arts for the first time. So why should you join Tennesseans for the Arts? For starters, we are Tennessee's statewide advocacy organization for the arts. We are a membership organization made up of arts advocates moved by our deep conviction of the civic and personal value of the arts. And because...

Top 10 Reasons to Join TFTA

Tennesseans for the Arts


1. Sets the Stage

As Tennessee’s leading statewide arts advocacy organization, TFTA brings people and organizations together who believe in the power of the arts and want to support its growth.

2. Performs

For over 30 years, TFTA has worked to preserve and increase funding for the arts and support the work of the Tennessee Arts Commission. That translates to more grant funds available for the arts in our TN communities!

3. Sings with one voice

TFTA’s effective “one voice, one message” strategy ensures clear and unified communication about the value of the arts.

4. Steps up to the microphone

A stronger TFTA means a louder voice for the arts in Tennessee. There is strength in our numbers!

5. Knows it’s audience

From artists, arts organizations, arts supporters and friends to policymakers at every level of decision-making, TFTA understands the importance of effective and strategic communication among all stakeholders.

6. Is visual

TFTA provides crucial visibility within the state legislature through our support of the legislative arts caucus.

7. Has a lot on our plates

TFTA promotes and defends the Specialty License plate program and works to ensure the funds are protected and available to support arts organizations and projects in all of Tennessee's 95 counties.

8. Knows practice makes perfect

While we may not be perfect, we have a vast knowledge of best practices across the state and find ways to share good ideas and success stories with one another! Follow us on Social Media... Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & Youtube

9. Wants an encore

If your membership has lapsed, please click here.... to renew your membership in TFTA and reengage with us once again!

10. Needs you to join our cast today

Your membership in TFTA is a powerful way to show the Tennessee Arts Commission you are an official part of the arts advocacy effort. Join us today for a stronger arts Tennessee!


If you have any questions please email

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