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New Full Board Participation Emblem for TN Arts Organizations

Tennesseans for the Arts - One Voice One Message - takes a combined effort of showing strength in numbers and putting advocacy into action by showing our legislators just how important the arts and culture sector is to Tennesseans. The new Tn4Arts Full Board Participation Emblem is a great way to show your community you are supporting the efforts to strengthen public grant funding for Arts and Culture organizations across Tennessee.

TFTA Full Board Participation Logo

Why do we need this Emblem?

Tennesseans for the Arts support the work of the Tennessee Arts Commission by promoting and defending the Specialty License Plate Program. On average 80% of Tennessee Arts Grants are funded by the purchase of state specialty license plates. Our mission is to provide advocacy leadership to preserve and strengthen this public grant funding for the Arts and Culture sector in Tennessee. In achieving this we will ensure a vibrant and healthy future for Tennessee communities through the arts.

Arts Grants funded by Specialty License Plates

The purpose of the new Tn4arts Full Board Participation Logo is to actively show your advocacy. That you value the arts in our communities and that you recognize and support the work of Tennesseans for the Arts, the Tennessee Arts Commission, & the Arts Caucus in the Tennessee General Assembly. From engaging legislators to facilitating valuable policy discussion on the importance of the specialty license plate program.

How do I get it?

Once your organization has membership for all your sitting board members then send an email requesting your emblem to Once your organization has been cross referenced you will receive your Thank You letter, Full Board Participation Emblem & Usage Guide along with a Certificate.

What Will I Do With It?

The Tn4Arts Emblem is a great addition to any marketing (digital or print) for your organization. Adding this emblem to your website shows great advocacy strength to every visitor perusing your site! You can also add the emblem next to your logo for ads, marketing material, or internal documents. Your Emblem package will come with a usage guide to help you navigate your new files.

We want to remind Arts & Culture Organizations that the grant funds you receive from The Tennessee Arts Commission are primarily sourced from the sale of Specialty License Plates. Those funds are protected and promoted by TFTA and its advocacy efforts. If you are a member, thank you. If you aren’t, please consider joining us! And purchase your Specialty License today!

Visit Become A Member to Join Tennesseans for the Arts Today!


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