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Letter From The President: Optimism For The Future

Arts supporters continue to come together to celebrate and appreciate the arts in Tennessee.

Dear Tennesseans for the Arts Community,

As we close out the year and look ahead to the new one, I want to express my sincere thanks for your past support, and my optimism for the future you are helping to build through your support of TFTA. Despite the challenges and setbacks we have faced in the past few years, I have been overwhelmed by the resilience and strength of our arts community.

As the President of Tennesseans for the Arts, I have had the privilege of working alongside so many talented and dedicated artists, arts organizations, and arts supporters throughout the state. Your creativity, passion, and commitment to bringing joy and enrichment to our communities is truly inspiring.

I am hopeful as we move into the new year, we will continue to move toward normalcy and the opportunity to once again come together to celebrate and appreciate the arts in all their forms. Whether it's attending a live performance, visiting a museum or gallery, or participating in a workshop or class, I encourage all of you to make the arts a part of your lives and to support the arts in any way you can including joining TFTA, purchasing your specialty plate, and urging others to do the same. Thank you.

On behalf of Tennesseans for the Arts, I wish you all a happy and healthy new year. May it be filled with art and inspiration.


Parke Kennedy

President, Tennesseans for the Arts

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