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New Resources for Arts Advocates

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Tennesseans For the Arts is providing an easy to use Toolkit to help fellow advocates working to protect grant funding for Arts & Culture.

The future of advocacy starts with you. Tennesseans for the Arts believes in the power of grassroots advocacy; paving the way for positive influence on decision-makers. We all believe in the arts, we want to promote and encourage art within our communities, because we understand they can heal, educate, bring joy to and unify our neighborhoods. We rely on power in our numbers by building connections and it is Tennesseans For the Arts mission to motivate and educate our members and supporters on effective advocacy practices and the importance of the Specialty License Plate Program.

With so many strategies it can be difficult to know where to start. Our "one voice, one message" effort can encourage advocates to take small steps to achieve great success. Like starting inside our own organizations and educating friends and family on the importance of the Specialty License Plate Program in Tennessee, which accounts for more than 80% of the grant dollars awarded by the Tennessee Arts Commission. We can advocate to preserve and strengthen public grant funding for the Arts and Cultural sector by sharing visuals in emails or links, incorporating graphics and slides to the end of presentations or meetings. Adding tags to the end of our email signatures and newsletters (go a step further and link the graphic to the Tn4Arts webpage). You can put up signage and posters so that patrons can view or we can incorporate easily downloadable Ads to event programs.

Don't forget reaching out to policy makers in a positive way can show just how important the arts are to our local communities. The Arts Advocacy Toolkit provides you with the resources needed to locate your Legislators and find out important information like who is a part of the Arts Caucus. We need to write letters inviting our Representatives to event openings, shows & performances and so much more. We can thank them for their efforts in protecting the Arts by email, letter or a phone call. We can also remind them of the growing economic and healthy impact the Arts have on our state through jobs, events, therapy, etc. If you are a recipient of Tennessee Arts Commission Grant, let them know what a difference it has made for you and how you have impacted the community. Our resources provide you with examples of positive advocacy. We invite our members to share successful advocacy stories with us by clicking here!

With the right tools in your belt the possibilities are endless. Whether you are an Individual or an Organization, we invite you to take your advocacy a step further and help us make a difference. The Specialty License Plate program is vital to ensuring arts and culture are thriving in Tennessee. We want all Tennesseans to benefit from access to and the impact of the arts.

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