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Breaking Down the TAC FY2023 Grants Report: How 5 Years and $41 Million Have Impacted Arts & Culture in Tennessee

Positive message from Tn4Arts Board President outlining 2023 accomplishments and this years upcoming Arts Advocacy Day.

Happy New Year, Fellow Tennesseans! We all hope that each of you had a successful wrap-up of your 2023, a restful holiday with friends and family, and are gearing up for a fruitful, joyous, and gratitude-filled 2024. Everyone at Tn4Arts is focused on exploring better ways to connect. It doesn't matter if we are artists, supporters of the arts, or patrons of the arts.

CONNECTING MATTERS. CONNECTION creates relationships. CONNECTION drives interaction. CONNECTION increases outreach, and CONNECTION builds communities.

FY2023 TN Arts Grant Impact

In the 2023 Fiscal Year, Tn4Arts saw another successful year of the specialty license plate program. The 50/40/10 formula we work to protect, assisted the Tennessee Arts Commission in funding arts and cultural activities for more than 600 Tennessee nonprofits, schools & local governments. In the past five years, the Commission has made approximately 5,300 arts & culture grants and invested more than $41 million in communities across all 95 counties in Tennessee.

FY2023 Tennessee Arts Grant Impact

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Connect, Advocate, & Support the Arts in TN

Tn4Arts is continuing to create more connecting opportunities across the regions of Tennessee. We seek personal engagement with our members. We want to grow our membership and drive support for the arts in Tennessee through advocacy. We are excited about the coming year's prospects and want to look at 2024 with openness. An open palm has been associated with truth, honesty, and openness throughout history. All art disciplines, including visual arts, dance, music, literature, and performance, have the potential to reflect truth, honesty, and openness. The arts can instantly give CONNECTION to someone's life and positively affect them. Will you join us this year with open hands to CONNECT, ADVOCATE, and SUPPORT the Arts in Tennessee?

Arts Advocacy Day 2024

Please mark your calendars and Register for Wednesday, March 6, 2024, at 10:00 am CST to join us virtually for the 2024 Arts Advocacy Day.

CONNECTING MATTERS: Driving Support Through Advocacy.

Please click here for more information.


Thank you all so much for the time, talent, and treasure you give daily to the arts in Tennessee. We support you and are grateful for all your efforts.


Bryce McDonald

President, Tennesseans For The Arts

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Specialty License Plate Program in Tennessee

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