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Support the Arts with a Specialty License Plate

The arts are getting cut from state budgets across America. In Tennessee, we are fortunate to have an additional source of funding. The extra revenue we receive from specialty and personalized license plate sales has been key to funding the arts in Tennessee. More than 70% of the money used to fund the 800+ grants from the Tennessee Arts Commission last year was from the sale of these specialty license plates.

Consequently, promoting specialty plate sales is one of the most important things that you and your organization can do to ensure funding for the arts in Tennessee!


CLICK HERE FOR COUNTY CLERK LOCATIONS (Where you can obtain these!)

Current arts plate designs to choose from:

All plates in this category:

  • are available to all Tennessee residents.
  • require an annual fee of $56.50; $35 of that fee is allocated, in part, to the Tennessee Arts Commission.
  • can be personalized between three and five characters.

Gift-A-Tag Program

Support the Arts with the Tennessee Gift-A-Tag Program by purchasing a voucher for a friend or loved one that they can use to pick out their specialty license plate!

  • GIFT-A-TAG vouchers are $35 and you can buy as many as you want—for your family, friends or treat yourself. Each GIFT-A-TAG is good for the purchase of a Specialty License Plate or the personalization of any license plate.
  • Yearly tag fees will be due at the time a Specialty License Plate is purchased, but you can get a new plate anytime and your tag fees will be prorated.
  • You will need to exchange your plate so remember to bring a screwdriver.


How To Buy:

1. Click on the purchase link above and select the number of vouchers needed.

2. Complete the credit card information and check your email for your GIFT-A-TAG Vouchers.

3. You can then EMAIL your GIFT-A-TAG Vouchers to your recipients or PRINT for a hard copy.

4. The last step is for the recipients to go to their local County Clerk's office to redeem the voucher and pick up their own specialty license plate. For Personalized Plates, the County Clerk will contact them when the plate is ready.

Legal: County clerks charge an additional $1 fee for the issuance of a specialty plate. This makes the fee $36 for a specialty plate, $36 for a personalized plate, and $71 for a personalized specialty plate, plus the standard state registration fee and any wheel taxes imposed by local governments.