Full Board Meeting Minutes Feb 2011

Minutes - February 3, 2011
Members Present – Bob Kucher, Debby Koch, Stephanie Conner, Jane Alvis, Jonah Rabinowitz, Susan Robinson, Marie Murphy, Bob Willie, Betsy Reid, Travis Bright, Liza Zenni, Kathy Wilson, Celeste Wilson, Roland Carter. Others present – Rich Boyd, Molly Pratt, Dereama Sherrill.
  • President Bob Kucher calls the meeting to order.
  • Stephanie Connor moves and Celeste Wilson seconds approval  of the minutes.
  • President Kucher discusses updates on the website and TFTA Facebook page.  More than 3,000 fans. Stresses the importance of sharing info with Ellen Hays for updates. Says the new website is working well and that Travis Bright has been very responsive to any problems.  
  • Dereama  Sherrill reports we have 674 active members.  Will strongly emphasize renewals.
  • Jonah Rabinowitz gives the treasurers report. 
  • Liza Zenni gives an update on Arts Advocacy Day planning.  Decision is made to focus on the luncheon more than individual meetings with Legislators.  Discussed having a professional event manager assist. Seigenthaler Public Relations is helping with messaging. 
  • Molly Pratt and Marie Murphy give an update on the proposed new arts license plate. Surveys to all members set to go out next week followed by and RFQ for design, then the party at the Renassaince Center  to vote on the favorite design. 
  • Justine Gregory reports on new memberships.  Bob Willie suggests that Regional VPs become the nominating committee.   It was agreed that we could not add anyone until bylaw changes are made. 
  • Rich Boyd gave a Tennessee Arts Commission update.  Distributes press release on TAC Emmy win for “Creative License.” Reports that TAC got a strong review from the National Endowment for the Arts. Reported on meeting with First Lady Crissy Haslam. Governor’s Awards will be at the Residence this year. Attendance will be much smaller and by invitation only. Issued a strong challenge to increase membership in TFTA.
  • Molly Pratt gave a legislative update.  She reported a bleak scenario about the budget and the need to work to protect the license plate formula. 
  • Stephanie Connors reported that the bylaws would be ready for next meeting. Also, that 990 forms are available for members to review. 
  • Jonah suggests that staff confirm that we have a state Charitable Solicitations Permit and that our giving matter s profile is up to date. 
  • Bob Kucher adjourned the meeting.